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are you considered emo bc you cry about how you feel? hahaha

so its been a long long time since either of us have updated this...so i am breaking it and just typing stuff that everyone will probably not care about.

but anyways i have never in my life had such a meaningful converstaion where i know that the other person knows exactly what i am talking about. i have never been able to just cry and let my feelings out when nothing to begin with triggered my emotions. its so easy to open up to certain people when you know you share a brain with them lol. its funny how certain things could change you...well this 3 hour phone conversation made me realize so much more about myself and about nicole...who is not my friend or sister or anything except a person who i know i could never live without. i know taht with you nicole i could be myself and not be afraid if you dont like it. like you said we are so different, but also SOO much the same. i really like knowing that i have a person like you where i know i could call you no matter what and we could cry to eachother. it nice to always know you have someone that will always be there for you no matter what!!!

i love you nilyge!!!!
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